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As a temporary employee it is important you feel fully able to undertake the role you have been placed in to your best ability. To this end we ensure you have the appropriate skills before offering you the position. Often the temporary work will provide excellent opportunities to improve your current skills and knowledge base and create new challenges. Your opportunities are then increased making temporary work a viable career choice.

A flexible working arrangement

A temporary role becomes available when one of our clients contacts us with a short term position. WCL then sources the most suitable candidate to fill the role. As a temporary worker you would need to be fully competent in the work area required. WCL would pay you an agreed rate for the work undertaken. You would naturally work at the clients’ premises whilst receiving the support structure from WCL to facilitate a flexible working arrangement.

We place temporary workers in various roles, from office based positions such as secretarial and administration roles to technical, operative, construction, catering and mechanical to name but a few. We cover a whole array of sectors. Simply call WCL on 01772 735030 or go to the Contact Us page to find out more detail.